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Born in 1986, Antananarivo, Madagascar. Lives in Antananarivo. His works were first revealed during the Months of Photography festivals that took place every November in Madagascar. Since 2015, his photographs have focused on the theme of climate change and its impacts on human life. His work is mainly focused on street photography, photojournalism, documentary photography and commissions for NGOs and international organizations. He is a member of the African Photojournalism Database, the Union Internationale de la Presse Francophone (UPF), the Union of Professional Photographers of Madagascar (UPPM) and recently he co-founded MIRA Photo, a photojournalism collective.

In 2020 he was chosen and represented Madagascar for The Other Hundred*, a photographic project during the Covid-19 pandemic.

*The Other Hundred Healers is the fourth edition in The Other Hundred series, a non-profit global photojournalism initiative that provides a better understanding of the people who make up our world and the lives they lead.